CPUBalance Pro

CPUBalance takes Bitsum's famous, time-tested (since 2002!) and exclusive ProBalance algorithm that is proven to retain system responsiveness during high CPU loads. It can’t fix all responsiveness problems, but its impact on a high CPU load, even on modern multi-core CPU’s, is amazing. Real-world demos like saving a file in multimedia editing software is a great example; your PC is brought to a sluggish state until you switch away from that app (letting ProBalance kick in since it excludes the foreground app by default), then you see a night and day difference. It’s hard to believe, so test it yourself. You can create your own ‘high load’ demo, and it does not need to run at anything but a normal priority class with normal priority threads. That is all it takes to severely impact the responsiveness of Windows, to the point of it being unusable, and hence the problem that ProBalance resolves.
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Be able to run CPU balance as a service

Unless I'm mistaken, there seems to be no way to run CPUBalance as a service (similar to the Prolasso setup) so that non administrator accounts can also benefit from the improved responsiveness.
DigiCat, 14.03.2017, 11:20
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Need for smaller app window size!

Too big app window for the small netbook screen. Activation link is hidden. Please add the window reduce function!
dean, 14.03.2017, 17:52